Adam’s Cult Corner – Sept18

Escape From LA - 1996 You can't help but feel a bit sorry for Snake Plisskin, the one-eyed, leather-clad anti-hero who growled onto the screen in John Carpenter’s 1981 classic Escape from New York. In many ways, he set the blueprint for the plethora of 1980s Hollywood action films, and shades of Plisskin can be... Continue Reading →

What to watch at home this weekend/next week

Bone Tomahawk - Film 4 Monday 1st Oct 23:10 Brutal western with a horrifying twist. Starring Kirt Russell on great form alongside Patrick Wilson and Matthew Fox. Not for anyone who is squeamish or easily shocked! You have been warned. Trailer The Abyss - Film 4 Sunday 30th Sept 18:10 James Cameroons alien encounter adventure... Continue Reading →

Also coming soon

Creed II - 30th Nov   I loved the first film in 2015. Great acting (Micheal B Jordan & Sylvester Stallone) and boxing scenes. This one looks the business too, with the added stakes of a match against Ivan Drago's son! Trailer

Some interesting films coming soon

Mary Poppins Returns  - Dec 21th Ok, maybe coming soon is pushing it but scarily Christmas isn't that far away. The trailer looks interesting and it will be quite an achievement to live up to the 1964 classic original. Trailer First Man - Oct 12th The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, as played... Continue Reading →

American Animals (2018) – Dir: Bart Layton

  The true life story of a group of American students who decided to steal some rare books from the University of Transylvania Kentucky in 2004. Trailer This film uses the documentary format of having the protagonists talking to camera about the events and inter-cuts it with a traditional film starring Evan Peters, Blake Jenner,... Continue Reading →

What to watch this week – at home

Some highlights for this weekend and beyond: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - 18:00 Saturday 22nd ITV1 Trailer My favourite of the Harry Potter Series. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity) this is the start of the darker Harry Potter films and works as an excellent standalone movie. Great visuals, pacing and performances from... Continue Reading →

The Predator (2018) – Dir: Shane Black

  I love the original Predator movie from 1987 and its sequel in 1990. Even the 2010 entry, Predators was entertaining! Now we have Shane Blacks entry to the series (ignoring the AVP disasters). Trailer Shane Black was "Hawkins" in the original and has a mixed history as a director with films like Kiss Kiss... Continue Reading →

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