The Predator (2018) – Dir: Shane Black


I love the original Predator movie from 1987 and its sequel in 1990. Even the 2010 entry, Predators was entertaining! Now we have Shane Blacks entry to the series (ignoring the AVP disasters).


Shane Black was “Hawkins” in the original and has a mixed history as a director with films like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Nice Guys (good) and Iron Man 3 (bad). However, he can be a good writer (Lethal Weapon) and the Predator at times is very funny (if a bit hit and miss). Unfortunately, it’s also a bit of a mess.

The film starts off well, with the first Predator really well realized using practical effects. There is an excellent sequence in a secret facility. But after about 45 mins the film starts to lose its way. The action becomes bland (although very violent) and it winds down to a truly terrible ending. Also, setting a Predator movie in a small town (including a visit to a high school) is not the most inspiring environment for one of the movies greatest Aliens!

The trailer didn’t fill me with much hope but I did enjoy the film while watching it. Unfortunately, it is forgettable and lessens the chances of us seeing another Predator film worthy of Arnie’s original.

Rating 6/10

Should you go and see it? – Wait for home viewing

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