What to watch at home this weekend/next week

Bone Tomahawk – Film 4 Monday 1st Oct 23:10

Brutal western with a horrifying twist. Starring Kirt Russell on great form alongside Patrick Wilson and Matthew Fox. Not for anyone who is squeamish or easily shocked! You have been warned.


The Abyss – Film 4 Sunday 30th Sept 18:10

James Cameroons alien encounter adventure at the bottom of the sea. Great visuals from the director of Avatar and Titanic. Superb cast featuring Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Michael Biehn. As epic as you would expect.


In Bruges – Film 4 Saturday 29th 21:00

Great black comedy staring Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleason and Ray Fiennes (in glorious over the top swearing form). Another film that is not for the easily offended!


DVD/Blu Ray of the week

The Dark Knight – 2008

Hard to believe that this masterpiece by Christopher Nolan is 10 years old. The definitive superhero film which brought the genre into the mainstream showing that successful blockbusters could be both epic and intelligent. Immense performance from the late Heath Ledger. A must watch.


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