What to watch….. at Halloween

On TV on the night The Witch - Film 4 - 9:00 pm   Slow creeping terror set in New England, 1630. A family move to the wilderness and try to lead a Christain life. However, this does not go to plan following the disappearance of their newborn and crops failing which leads to the... Continue Reading →

News – A Quiet Place Sequel?

Empire magazine is reporting that John Krasinski is currently writing a sequel to the excellent (and one of my top films of the year) A Quiet Place. He wasn't originally set to write/direct a sequel but said: "I told [producer] Drew Form about this little idea," recalls Krasinski. "And he told me to think about it a... Continue Reading →

Adam’s Cult Corner – Oct18

I am the pretty thing that lives in the house (2016, dir. Oz Perkins)     As Halloween is nearly upon us, it's high time for a rummage around Netflix to find a suitable scary film. This rather clumsily-titled film attracted my attention as it starred one of my favourite actresses, Ruth Wilson (Luther, the... Continue Reading →

Cold War (2018) Dir: Pawel Pawlikowski

Follow up to 2013's Ida, Pawlikowski has produced a brilliantly striking piece of work in Cold War. Set in post second world war Europe (opening in Poland), it tells the story of a passionate love affair between two very different people who meet while recording folk songs under the name of "Mazurek Ensemble", who then... Continue Reading →

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