Mamma Mia – Here we go again (2018) – Dir Ol Parker

Ok, where to start! I disliked the original movie but at least it was funny in spells (looking at you Mr Brosnan) and had great ABBA music.


However, I can’t make any allowances for this one. Given all the talent involved, including Richard Curtis (writer), Lilly James, Andy Garcia, Julie Walters, Dominic Cooper, Meryl Streep (Cast) and Abba (Music), there is no excuse for just how terrible this film is.

I really can’t understand why this has received largely positive reviews. It is a disaster. The music can’t even save this utter monstrosity of a movie! The acting is poor, the singing weak (again), the story is boring and lets not even get on to Cher.

People will say that its escapism for these depressing times. Ok, but can we not have quality as well? The Greatest Showman, while not a great film, featured uplifting (original) songs with great (professional) performances. La La Land was both uplifting (for the most part) and brilliant throughout.

I wanted to tear my hair out watching this film and can honestly say its one of the worst I have seen.

Rating: 3/10 – talent involved should have delivered more

Should you go and see it? – No, you really shouldn’t. However, if you must see it, go to the cinema as that is the only format that this might work.

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