What to watch at home this weekend/next week

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – ITV2  Sunday 7th 18:35



The first part of Peter Jacksons epic masterpiece and probably my favourite film of all time. Also, the film that works best as a standalone entry from the trilogy. Truly epic with amazing effects, great acting (Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortenson). Superb adaption of Tolkien’s legendary text.


The Wolf of Wallstreet – Film 4 Saturday 6th – 21:00



Martin Scorsese’s true (ish) story of Jordan Belfort’s (brilliantly portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio) rise and fall. A bit too long but very very funny (especially Matthew McConaughey and Jonah Hill) and great support from Margot Robbie in the film that launched her career. Not for the easily offended! Highlight being when Jordan suffers a delayed reaction to taking drugs while at the golf club.


Troll Hunter – Film 4 Sunday 7th – 00.40


Low budget, Norweigan found-footage adventure concerning a group of students investigating the legend of Trolls. Excellent effects and a great mix of horror and comedy. Great fun.


DVD/Blu Ray of the week

Hereditary – 2018


The most talked about horror movie of recent years. Wrongly compared to The Exorcist. Some genuinely freaky images and jump scares. One truly original and shocking (brilliantly directed scene – you will know when you see it). Divided audiences and I cannot make up my mind on it. Worth watching and making up your own mind!


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