Mandy (2018) Dir: Panos Cosmatos

A couple live an idyllic (if surreal) life in a secluded forest until Mandy (Andrea Riseborough) catches the eye of the leader of a crazed cult (Linus Roache) and their lives are shattered. Cue Nicolas Cage in full turn it up to 11 crazy.


The couple is set upon by a group of motorcycle demons who kidnap Mandy. Red Miller (Cage) sets upon a quest to get her back at any costs featuring chainsaws and a handmade silver axe! Cage also gives an astonishing performance of a breakdown in a bathroom. This could become a cult moment or much-parodied scene.

The film takes place in a dream (nightmare) like mood with red hazy skies and heavy metal soundtrack. It certainly leaves an imprint on your brain with certain images and sequences. However, I did find the story (what there is) a bit too vague and the atmosphere too dense to just enjoy the utter craziness of the piece.

Cage is the intense version he brings out every so often (Wild at Heart, Bad Lieutenant, Drive Angry) after paycheck appearances. Roache is suitably creepy as cult leader Jeremiah Sand.

This film is just nuts. Some truly gruesome moments as well as laugh out loud. But the oppressive atmosphere makes it too intense to be fun but not good enough to be a classic horror movie.

Rating – 6/10 – Some great moments but missing a coherent story. Still, you can’t accuse it of being bland.

Should you go see it – I’d wait for home viewing after you have had a few drinks!

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