What to watch at home this week/weekend

Fight Club – Dave- Saturday 3rd Nov – 21:00

Fight Club


David Fincher’s brilliant realisation of the cult novel by Chuck Palahniuk. Full of great quotes, laugh out loud comedy, brutal violence and a brilliant comment on all that is wrong with modern life. Superb performances by Brad Pitt (Seven, Inglorious Basterds), Ed Norton (25th Hour, American History X) and Helena Bonham Carter (Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd) plus Meat Loaf as you have never seen him before. Another of my favourite films.



Eye in the Sky – Film 4 – Sunday 4th Nov – 21:00

eye in the sky


Unfortunately known for the last screen role for Alan Rickman, this tense drama follows the decision making involved in remote modern warfare. Solid central performance from Helen Mirren (the Queen, Excalibur). A timely story for the times we live in.



Shame – Film 4 – Monday 5th Nov – 22:45


Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave, X-Men First Class) continues his collaboration with Steve McQueen. Like Hunger (also on this week) this is a no holds barred tale of a man wrestling with his demons as he battles sex addiction and issues with intimacy. His life is thrown upside down when his sister (Cary Mulligan – Never Let Me Go) moves into his apartment. Strong stuff as you would expect from McQueen but worth sticking with. As always, Fassbender is excellent.


DVD/Blu Ray of the week





A mixed bag of a film. Starring the always watchable Shailene Woodley (Insurgent, Snowden) and Sam Claflin (Their Finest, Me Before You), this is the true life story of a couple who encountered one of the most destructive recorded hurricanes in history. The scenes at sea are terrifyingly realised (one of my worst nightmares!) however, the tension is lost slightly due to the intercutting of the couple’s story before setting out to sea.


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