The Girl In The Spider’s Web – Dir: Fade Alvarez

Cult icon Lisbeth Salander returns in the 4th entry in the “Millenium” series and the first not based on a book written by Stieg Larsson.


This time, Lisbeth is recruited by a scientist who has developed a computer programme that can control all the nuclear weapons in the world and wants it back. Meanwhile, a character from Lisbeth’s past also looms large.

The original books (and the Swedish and American films) were gritty, suspenseful noir thrillers with an engaging heroine you could root for. This new chapter (written by David Lagercrantz) throws much of this out of the window in favour of a bond/superhero take on the character. Claire Foy does her best to salvage the character and does a good job (I was concerned she was miscast after watching the trailers) especially having to follow the great performances by Naomi Repace and Rooney Mara.

It is so disappointing that all we have here is a good looking but average thriller. I really wish that, despite the disappointing box office performance of the film, David Fincher had been allowed to finish his take on the original trilogy. Lisbeth is such a good character that deserves more than to be turned into a kind of female bond or Batwoman (with amazing gadgets for any situation) that is chasing a stupid McGuffin.

Its a well made film with decent performances but it can’t escape the problem of the source material. “The Girl who”, should be about investigations into the dark underbelly of society not about saving the world. There is already too much of that about.

Rating – 6/10

Should you go and see it –  Not unless you a completist or a massive Claire Foy fan. One for an evening at home when you can’t decide what to watch and you just want some nice visuals.



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