Creed 2 (2018) Dir: Steven Caple Jr

Following on from Ryan Coogler’s excellent Creed in 2015, comes its inevitable sequel, this time directed by Steven Caple Jr.


Michael B Jordan (Black Panther) and Sylvester Stallone (Rocky, Rambo) return, as Adonis Creed faces the son of the man who killed his father. Dolph Lundgren reprises his role as Ivan Drago with his son played by the hulking Florian Munteanu.

The film starts off with Creed getting his shot at the world title, previously held by his father. I found this a strangely flat start to the film given that it’s supposed to be his big moment. I suppose they wanted to get down to the main focus of the story, the showdown with Drago. Things improve following the fight as the chemistry between Jordan, Stallone and Tessa Thompson shines through.

The movie is as you will expect with very few surprises. There is an attempt to flesh out the “bad guys” (which largely fails), there are training montages, advice from Rocky, daddy issues, etc. However, what makes this film a success is the same thing that Creed and Rocky Balboa had: Heart.

The film has great acting and real emotion. The fight scenes are expertly handled (you may feel the need to get off your feet and whoop). It’s nice to see Tessa Thompson’s character given a front seat in the story. Stallone is excellent in what is to be his last outing as Rocky. But again the star of the show is Michael B Jordan. Totally convincing and makes you care about his character.

Rating – 7/10

Should you go and see it –  Definitely. It’s a boxing movie best watched on the big screen with an audience. Marked down slightly due to the predictability of the story. It’s also difficult to see what could come next that would keep the series interesting. Great fun though.

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