Bumblebee (2018) – Dir: Travis Knight

Moving away from the Michael Bay’s Transformers saga comes the standalone movie of Bumblebee. This time the directorial reigns are passed to Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings). Starring Haliee Steinfield (True Grit) and John Cena (Train Wreck).


Gone are the excesses of the Bay movies, replaced by Spielberg 80’s nostalgia. The story is set in the 80’s and follows a similar line to ET. Featuring a great soundtrack and performance from Haliee Steinfield.

The film opens up on Cybertron with fan-pleasing original designs of the Transformers. However, I thought this sequence just looked like a CGI version of the cartoon. Things improve when the action reaches earth. Old designs with top CGI.

I will confess that I love the original Transformers movie from Michael Bay. It had the right amount of spectacle and heart. It even had a similar (but more epic) storyline. The issues I had with this movie was that, although it had a lot right with it, it lacked an original story, the bad guys/robots were bland and ultimately it was too small for a Transformers movie. Also, the act of transforming isn’t as exciting as it was in 2007.

Having said that this is very much a kids movie which the previous efforts certainly were not! Haliee Steinfield is brilliant and definitely one to watch.

Rating – 6/10

Should you go and see it –  If you are after some 1980s nostalgia or have young kids that want to see Transformers, then yes. Otherwise, wait for DVD. I quite enjoyed it but the more I think of it the less I like it. I think they went too far away from Bay and ended up with a decent small “ET” tribute movie.


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