Top 10 – 2017

A brilliant year that I could change the order of, over and over again. Logan followed on from Deadpools success. An 18 certificate superhero movie. It’s violent and great. I liked Moonlight but couldn’t quite understand why most critics rated it as an all-time classic. Raw is a refreshing horror film based on a vegetarian student starting vet school where things don’t go quite as she might expect. Next, is two Casie Affleck movies, the gut punch of Manchester by the Sea and the strangely beautiful Ghost Story. IT became the most successful horror movie of all time and I can see why. A Monster Calls is another heartbreaker about guilt and grief told in such an original way. Dunkirk is really an experience needing to be seen on the biggest screen. Beautiful imagery from Chris Nolan. Bladerunner 2049 answered all our prayers! Fantastic movie from Denis Villeneuve. I fell in love with La La Land due to its music, choreography and chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. It suffered a backlash after its critical praise but I think its more than just a musical. A tale of dreams and reality.

10. Logan


9. Moonlight


8. Raw


7. Manchester by the Sea


6. Ghost Story


5. IT


4. A Monster Calls


3. Dunkirk


2. Bladerunner 2049


1.La La Land

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