Top 10 – 2018

It’s not been a classic year. Mission Impossible was spectacular but the action covered over a lot of weaknesses in the story. Also, the obsession with showing Tom Cruise doing his own stunts actually pulls me out of the movie. First Man has grown on me. It’s very sad, tense and spectacular (haunting soundtrack too). Clare Foy steals the show as Armstrong’s Wife, Janet. Shape of Water is a film I need to see again and it’s quite likely it would rise in its position. I enjoyed it but not sure it deserved the Oscar. I am a big fan of Paul Thomas Anderson and Phantom Thread is driven by Daniel Day Lewis ‘s towering (final?) performance. Solo is a massively under-rated film. Fans became obsessed with whether the movie was needed and if its lead man looks like Han Solo. Well, he is perfect as Han and I thought they recaptured the spirit of adventure in the original trilogy without being bogged down by heavy plot demands.

A Star is Born (a remake of a remake of a remake) was all about the top acting from Bradley Cooper and especially Lady Gaga. Mary Poppins lived up to its 1964 predecessor with a perfect turn by Emily Blunt. Lady Bird was another standout performance from Saoirse Ronan in a coming of age tale. A Quiet Place was all about sound (or lack of it). A tremendous directorial debut from John Krasinski. Cold War is a stunning film with striking imagery and unforgettable performances by its lead actors. So many images have remained in my mind since seeing it a few months ago. Maybe not for everyone but I think this is a modern classic.

Note: Due to the limited release of Suspiria and Climax, I shall be including them in 2019.

10. Mission Impossible Fallout

9. First Man

8. Shape of Water

7. Phantom Thread

6. Solo: A Star Wars Story

5. A Star is Born

4. Mary Poppins Returns

3. Lady Bird

2. A Quiet Place

1.Cold War


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