Not a review as such. Bit late for that. Just to say this was better than expected. It is completely bonkers and is held together by its lead man's charisma. Also it's a spectacular looking movie. I'm not on the bandwagon moaning about DC movies being too dark (I like dark!) but this certainly isn't!... Continue Reading →

Adam’s Cult Corner – Jan19

Escape Room (2017) – Spoilers ahead! With a slightly delicate head, Sunday afternoon on the sofa reviewing a non-too-taxing film seemed like a good idea. Escape Room plays like a rather strange mix of the Crystal Maze and the Saw franchise. The premise is well-trodden, a group of rich, good-looking friends are invited to an... Continue Reading →

The Oscars

I have not seen all the films on the list yet, but I am hoping that A Star is Born wins best picture. Having said that, I am aiming to see Vice this week. In terms of actor, there is a lot of buzz around Christain Bale (and he has transformed himself which always helps!).... Continue Reading →

Pop Musicals

This isn't a proper review of Bohemian Rhapsody as I am rather late to the party. I will give my thoughts on it but it just made me think of a recent trend in the genre. To start with I thought it was an entertaining film. The actors are totally convincing as the band members... Continue Reading →


So the Best film Nominations are: Blackkklansman The Favourite Green Book Roma A Star is Born I have not seen Green Book yet but, excluding that, my choice would be A Star is Born. Best British Film: Beast Bohemian Rhapsody The Favourite McQueen Stan & Ollie You Were Never Really There Only seen 2 of... Continue Reading →

The Favourite (2019) – Dir Yorgos Lanthimos

A rather unique telling of Queen Anne's time on the throne during a war with France. Director Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster) has delivered another unique film. Starring Olivia Coleman (Tyrannosaur), Rachael Weisz (The Constant Gardener) and Emma Stone (La La Land). The Queen is frail and relies on her close friend Lady Sarah (Weisz) to... Continue Reading →

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