Adam’s Cult Corner – Jan19

Escape Room (2017) – Spoilers ahead!


With a slightly delicate head, Sunday afternoon on the sofa reviewing a non-too-taxing film seemed like a good idea.

Escape Room plays like a rather strange mix of the Crystal Maze and the Saw franchise. The premise is well-trodden, a group of rich, good-looking friends are invited to an Escape Room for a birthday surprise. It won’t come as any surprise that things don’t work out too well…

On the whole, I was a bit disappointed. The film looks pretty good on a limited budget, but the opening shots of a car cruising around LA immediately took me out of the film as the cars were driving on the left-hand side of the road. Either it was filmed somewhere else, or the film was flipped. Either way, it was a basic error that should have been picked up in editing.

The characters were moderately interesting, but the dynamic between them never really picked up. My biggest gripe was the inconstancy in the storytelling. For example, one member of the initial party wasn’t invited to the Escape room, so leaves to go to another party. “Ha ha” I think, “she’ll be key to it later”. Nope, never referred to again.

I was fully expecting a good, twisty ending, but again nothing. An anonymous protagonist was behind the nefarious acts, never referenced earlier, and no real motivation as to why. The film came to an abrupt stop, which is probably no bad thing. The acting was decent, but there are much better examples of this type of film out there. Let’s hope the latest Escape Room film (out later this year) is an improvement.

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