Glass (2019) – Dir: M Night Shyamalan

Glass is the sequel to both Unbreakable and Split, starring James McAvoy (Atonement, X-Men First Class), Sarah Paulson (Bird Cage), Bruce Willis (Unbreakable, Pulp Fiction), Anya Tayor-Joy (The Witch, Split) and Samuel L. Jackson (Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, The Hateful Eight).


The good news is that Shymalan has continued the career revival that started with The Visit and Split. Glass is a worthy sequel to both films. That’s not to say that it will please all fans (especially of Unbreakable) as it is probably not what they were expecting. Once you get over any preconceptions you have and relax into the actual film that has been delivered, I think you will appreciate a very well made movie, which in many ways, is an antidote to the overwhelming tide of Marvel superhero films. This is, for the most part, grounded in reality.

James McAvoy is astonishing in this. The way he moves from personality to personality without it being gimmicky is outstanding. If Heath Ledger can win an Oscar for his performance in The Dark Knight then surely McAvoy is worthy of the same accolade.

One slight disappointment is that Bruce Willis is slightly sidelined compared to “The Beast” but I might take that to heart more as I was such a huge fan of Unbreakable. However, you do get to see him using his powers a fair amount which was teased at the end of Unbreakable. Samual Jackson is great again as the “vilian” and there are some heartbreaking flashbacks to his childhood that may bring a tear and wince!

Sarah Paulsons character is key to the film. I think her role will divide audiences, especially towards the end. I thought she was on the whole fine.

This brings me onto the end. The expectation is always going to lead to huge pressure to deliver a great twist at the end of a Shymalan movie. I think he succeeds here (some will pick holes in it – but I just went with it) and even delivers the possibility of a new comic book universe if the film is successful. I hope that doesn’t happen as I think it was a good end to the story started with Unbreakable.

Rating – 8/10

Should You go and see it – Yes, its quite a slow film but has plenty of tension, humour and emotion on show. A worthy end to the trilogy.

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