Vice (2019) – Dir – Adam McKay

Adam McKay follows up the brilliant The Big Short with another stinging comic look at an American scandal. This time the rise to power of Dick Cheney. Starring Christain Bale (The Dark Knight, The Prestige), Amy Adams (Man of Steel, Arrival), Sam Rockwell (Moon) and Steve Carell (The Big Short, Beautiful Boy).


The first thing to say about this movie is that the acting all round is superb. From Christain Bales remarkable transformation in the leading role and Amy Adams as his wife Lynne, to probably the most surprising in Sam Rockwell’s portrayal of George W Bush. I had not expected Sam Rockwell to be able to be anything like him but he is totally convincing.

The film uses the same sort of storytelling devices as were employed in The Big Short. Using comedy to attack its subject matter. This includes a sudden Shakespearian interlude and a false ending about halfway through. However, I felt this was less successful than The Big Short.  There are some funny moments but ultimately the movie is hampered by two issues.

The first is that very little is known about what went on behind closed doors in Cheney’s rise to power and so there is a lot of assumptions made which come across as a bit too one-sided. The other issue is that it tries to cover a long period of time too quickly which meant I never really connected with the story.

Overall it is certainly entertaining but maybe not worth the awards hype it is receiving other than the acting credits. Bale adds to his repertoire of total transformation and Amy Adams continues to show she is one of the best actors working today.


Should you go to see it – Yes, it would be great with an audience and certainly is likely to make you laugh and despair in the state of American politics!

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