Us (2019) – Dir Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele follows up the critically acclaimed Get Out with a more traditional horror approach of Us. Starring Lupita Nyong’o (The Force Awakens, 12 years a slave), Winston Duke (Black Panther) and Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaids tale).

This tells the terrifying tale of a family’s encounter with Dopplegangers. To say much more about the story would spoil the experience. Get Out was heavy with political and racial comment (and brilliantly so) and while Us could certainly be seen in a similar light, it is more of a straight horror movie (albeit a very intelligent one).

The performances all round are excellent, especially a brilliant central performance from Lupita Nyomng’o. Jordan Peele strengthens his reputation as a skilful film maker with some brilliant camera work and pacing throughout. The use of humour might divide audiences, but I think it was perfectly timed to break the tension when needed to stop the story from becoming too oppressive. This could quite easily be a far scarier movie but also less enjoyable without the laughs.

What Peele has delivered is a disturbing , thrill ride of a movie which also poses some questions about society (should you wish to view it that way). There is also a brilliant use of a “smart device” towards the end of the movie.

Should I go and see it? – Yes definitely one to watch at the cinema with an audience. If you liked Get Out, you will like this!

Rating – 8/10

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