Toy Story 4 (2019) – Dir Josh Cooley

So you thought Toy Story perfectly ended the trilogy? Well think again because there is money to be made!

Tom Hanks (The Post), Tim Allen (Galaxy Quest) and Annie Potts (Ghostbusters) return and are joined by Keane Reeves.

The opening act did start me worrying as it seem to retread old ground and appeared that my cynicism was well founded. However, after about 30 minutes in it becomes clear that there is a justifiable reason for this movie to exist.

All the usual standards for Toy Story are here: great voice work, funny gags, heart felt moments, creepy toys and great animation (an astonishing jump in this respect). However, it also has a story which acts as an epilogue to the trilogy and does not spoil the work done previously. This is Woody’s story, where as the previous films were about a kid growing up and his relationship with his toys. It certainly works but I really hope they leave it here as another is definitely not needed.

There are a few missteps, with the opening scene being too familiar and sometimes it seems like Pixar feel that they have to live up to their reputation for emotional beats in their movies. Some worked but some also felt a bit forced.

Should you go and see it: yes it lives up to the expectation levels on the whole and is a good bookend to the series. My daughter loved it.

Rating: 7.5

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