IT Chapter 2 (2019) – Dir Andy Muschietti

Part 2 sees the kids 27 years later when IT returns. The cast led by James McAvoy (Glass), Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty) and Bill Hader (Trainwreck) are perfect as the adult characters returning to face the entity they battled as the “Losers”

I loved IT chapter 1. The cast were great and the film had a perfect nostalgic feel and was paced just right. It deserved its box office success. The sequel therefore comes with the added pressure to perform as well as the inherent problems with the source material. Talking of which, Steven King has long been accused of not being able to write decent endings. This is a joke that is played on throughout the movie (including a really unnecessary cameo) but unfortunately proves true with this film.

The audience I watched it with spent the entire time laughing nervously as most of the action is a mix of comedy and horror. This was also true of the first one albeit more successfully balanced. There are some great monsters and jumps here. Again Bill Skarsgard is brilliant as Pennywise in a performance that is as memorable as Health Ledger in The Dark Knight.

There are problems however. The inclusion of the young cast, by way of flashback, is interesting to see events that happened offscreen in part one and makes clear how great the adult casting is. However, this bulks up the films running time to three hours. Like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, its just too long. Also, the kids have grown since the last film and so CGI and voice work has been used to match what they used to look and sound like. I found this quite distracting.

Lastly, as I mentioned earlier, the ending. Like both the book and the TV mini series, the ending is a let down. It makes little sense and is just a CGI monster battle. It’s a pity given that the use of Pennywise has been so good throughout up to this point. Also, I prefer the mystery around who or what he is.

Rating – 7.5/10 – A very enjoyable ride. Not as good as part one but still better than most horror movies. Great acting, scares and laughs. Letdown by the source material. Also be prepared for a tough opening scene.

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