Review round up

Knives out (2019) – Dir Rian Johnson

Director Rian Johnson’s follow up to the Last Jedi is a classic Agatha Christie style who done it. Featuring a star studded cast list including Daniel Craig (Casino Royal), Chris Evans (Avengers Endgame) and Ana de Armas (Bladerunner 2049). I am not a fan of “who done its” but I have to admit this was fun. Worth watching alone for Daniel Craigs over the top private investigator. If you are a fan of the genre, you will love it!

Rating – 7/10

Monos (2019) – Dir Alejandro Landis

A lord of the flies like tale from Latin America featuring an unknown cast and a strange haunting score from Mica Levi (Under the Skin). Telling the story of a group of kid soldiers on a remote mountainside given the task of watching a hostage and milking a cow. This is a stunning looking movie which was gripping from start to finish. One of the best films of the year. Stick with it as its worth it.

Rating – 8/10

Le Mans 66 (2019) – Dir James Mangold

Racing biopic from the director of Logan. Great fun and standout performances from Christian Bale and Matt Damian.

Rating – 7/10

6 Underground (2019) – Dir Michael Bay

Netflix tend not to interfere with the directors on their projects. This is a prime example of what can go wrong. Consequently what we get here is the worst of Michael Bay. There is no story just constant action, low camera angles, leering at women, military porn, etc. On the plus side it looks amazing (as most of his films do) and if you are going to watch it just turn down the sound and put your own music on loud. The opening car chase is good. Contender for worst of the year.

Rating – 5/10

Marriage Story (2019) – Dir Noah Baumbach

Here is what happens when the freedom of Netflix does work. Scarlett JohanSson and Adam Driver are superb in this ultra realistic look at the breakdown of a marriage. As such it can be a hard watch but the acting is top notch.

Rating – 7.5

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