Top Ten of 2019

Here we are! Its been an interesting year for film. In fact, its been very hard to come up with an order this year. Numbers 10 – 4 are almost interchangeable.

I have excluded documentaries and Little Women has come out in the last few days of this year (so I will include it in 2020).

Sad to leave out The Rise of Skywalker. I really enjoyed it but just had too many issues to include above those in the top 10. Near miss for The Favourite which had some great moments and a lead role from Olivia Coleman. Glass was very close to making it as well as The Nightingale, Toy Story 4, If Beale Street Could Talk and Booksmart.

Others to mention include A Marriage Story, Knives out, Highlife, Dr Sleep and Ad Astra.

10. Klaus

A beautiful gothic looking Christmas animation. One of the best looking animations I have seen.


9. Monos

Haunting score and amazing visuals in a strange tale of child soldiers in the vein of Lord of The Flies.



8. The Irishman

Top performances all round. A slight feeling of seen it before but a powerhouse of a movie


7.Eighth Grade

Heart wrenchingly real, scary and hopeful story of a girl trying to find her place as she prepares for a new school.



It’s a musical, not a biopic. Great interpretations of classic songs. Visually stunning.


5.Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Enjoy hanging out at the end of the golden era of Hollywood. As usual with Tarantino, its too long but the acting and set pieces are superb.


4. Capernaum

A Gut punch of a film using non-actors. A heartbreaking tale of poverty and survival.



Over tones of The Wickerman and in time is likely to become a classic in its own right. Florence Pugh continues her superb year. Striking imagery and shocking violence.


2. Us

Jordan Peele’s brilliant follow-up to Get Out. More of a straight horror film with great use of music and dance. Another film with standout visuals and scenes that will become iconic.


1. Joker

Never saw this coming. The director from the Hangover movies and a Joker story without Batman. Turns out batman is kinda (brilliantly) in it. This is so original. It’s visually brilliant, acting superb and has an amazing soundtrack. Some iconic moments such as the dance in the bathroom. It’s an angry and, at times, depressing film but also the standout of the year.

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