What to watch tonight

Check out Film 4 tonight at 11:15 for the brilliant Room. My best film of 2015, starring Brie Larson (Captain Marvel). At times a hard watch but also a brilliant examination of parenthood and the instinct to protect.

What to watch this weekend

Only one film I want to recommend! On Film 4 Saturday is The Neon Demon. From the director of Drive, a nightmarish tale of the fashion industry. Great soundtrack, amazing visuals and vampiric hints. Not everyone will go with the pace of it but I loved it. Has a bit of David Lynch about it... Continue Reading →

What to watch at home this week/weekend

Creed – ITV2 – Sunday 25th Nov – 19:20 Who knew that another Rocky film could be good? Taking the story from the perspective of Apollo Creeds son (Michael B Jordan) this is a great reboot of the series. Emotional story, great fights and the traditional Rocky montages. Check it out before the sequel hits this... Continue Reading →

What to watch at home this week/weekend

GoodFellas – ITV4 – Saturday 17th Nov – 22:10   Martin Scorsese's masterpiece following the life of Henry Hill and his career in the Mob. A hugely influential movie with powerhouse performances by Robert De Niro (Heat), Ray Liotta (Narc) and the terrifying Joe Pesci (Lethal Weapon 2). Stand out scene between Harry and Tommy -... Continue Reading →

What to watch at home this week/weekend

Headhunters– BBC 2 - Saturday 10th Nov – 23:30   Based on the Jo Nesbo Novel, this is the story of an executive headhunter who also steals high-end art in his spare time. However, he picks a painting owned by an owner he shouldn't have messed with! Great acting from lead Aksel Hennie. Also features Nikolaj Coaster-Waldau... Continue Reading →

What to watch at home this week/weekend

Fight Club – Dave- Saturday 3rd Nov – 21:00   David Fincher's brilliant realisation of the cult novel by Chuck Palahniuk. Full of great quotes, laugh out loud comedy, brutal violence and a brilliant comment on all that is wrong with modern life. Superb performances by Brad Pitt (Seven, Inglorious Basterds), Ed Norton (25th Hour, American History... Continue Reading →

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