Thank you and Goodnight

It's the end of the blog! I wanted to get to the end of the decade so now is time to shut down. I don't have the time to do this as much as I would like and originally it was a project to learn about wordpress. Was fun and if you are still wanting... Continue Reading →

Rise of Skywalker update!

Ok seen it again. Without the reviews ringing in my head, a bigger screen and the ability to keep up with the plot. I liked it a lot more this time. Still think it would have been better as two films to give the story a chance to find its feet but it's a fitting... Continue Reading →

Top Ten of 2019

Here we are! Its been an interesting year for film. In fact, its been very hard to come up with an order this year. Numbers 10 - 4 are almost interchangeable. I have excluded documentaries and Little Women has come out in the last few days of this year (so I will include it in... Continue Reading →

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